Multiple outer-surface protein protection (multi-Osps) — and much more.

Duramune Lyme® is a 2-strain, whole-cell vaccine with multi-Osps to protect even as bacteria invade the immune system1 — plus it’s 92.2% effective against natural infection. So dogs get continuous, uninterrupted protection against Lyme disease with annual vaccination.

Real-World Safety

Our vaccine showed a low incidence of vaccine-associated adverse events (VAAEs) demonstrated in the largest retrospective study ever on canine vaccines. Plus, the study: 
  • Is unprecedented in its scope
  • Involved 30,000 doses of Lyme vaccine administered to dogs in real-world clinical settings

Safe in Lyme-Positive Dogs
The vaccine is safe even in dogs seropositive for Borrelia burgdorferi at the time of vaccination and in dogs with a history of Lyme disease

PureFilTM  Technology
This exclusive technology is designed to reduce extraneous proteins and cellular debris.

To be safe, a vaccine must be effective. An unprotected patient is a real-life safety concern. Extensive laboratory and field studies demonstrate the ability of Duramune Lyme® to help keep patients safe from disease.


When used annually in any protocol, Duramune Lyme® helps veterinarians provide routine high-quality patient care and supports the human-animal bond by helping dogs stay free of Lyme disease for life.

Effective on Challange
  • 100% preventable fraction against clinical disease in a challenge study conducted recently for USDA requalification
Effective in Real Patients
  • Proven 92.2% effective in preventing Lyme disease1
  • Effective in Lyme-positive dogs
Neutralizes Many Strains
  • Dogs vaccinated with Duramune Lyme® produced borreliacidal antibodies able to neutralize multiple isolates of the bacteria4
Multiple Opportunities to Protect
  • Multi-Osps result in protection even as bacteria invade the immune system
Annual Revaccination
  • Labeled for revaccination in annual protocols to support routine patient care
*Initial vaccination series with Duramune Lyme® should be administered to puppies. Dogs should then receive required annual boosters.

Available in Great Combinations

Count on the expertise of our highly knowledgeable and experienced sales and support teams. For assistance or to learn more about Lyme disease and our complete line of safe, effective canine vaccines:
  • Talk to your BIVI or distributor representative
  • Call Technical Services, 1-866-638-2226, available 24 hours a day, seven days a week
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